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Private Security Officer Training for Jewish Institutions


In this section, the Secure Community Network has made available courseware developed by the Critical Information Network (CiNet) for their Private Security Training Network series.  CiNet is a leading provider of distance learning in the private security industry.  Each course is approximately 1 hour long and is delivered through CiNet’s robust learning management system.  These courses are recommended learning for any security officer responsible for the security of Jewish Institutions and covers the following topics:


·         Security in Lobby or Reception Areas

·         Mail Bombs

·         Protests and Demonstrations

·         Evacuation: The Role of the Security Officer

·         Event Security

·         Travel Safety

·         Domestic Terrorism

·         How to Handle Anthrax & other Biological Threats

·        Vehicle Search: Finding Weapons & Destructive Devices


In order to gain access to these courses, please have a member of your organization responsible for security email the Secure Community Network at  Once we have received your request, we will contact you and provide you with the login information.